• Httpool overview

    Cross channel advertising

    Cross channel advertising increases campaign effectiveness.

    While cross channel advertising stimulates channel synergies, managing multiple channels from a single point enables more efficient campaign execution and optimization.

  • Channels


    Advertising across multiple channels provides actionable insights and drives higher ROI.

    Httpool covers all channels from Display, Video, Engagement and Social to SEM and Performance, and executes integrated advertising campaigns using the most advanced technology.


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  • Devices


    It’s the age of multiscreen and multitasking.

    By 2017 half of the internet traffic will come from mobile devices, which represent the major driver of accelerated digital media consumption growth.

    Due to media convergence future advertising will be increasingly cross device.

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  • Targeting


    Reduce ad waste through multiple targeting options.

    Targeting represents one of the major benefits of digital advertising. Using targeting options such as contextual, behavioral, geo targeting and re-targeting reduces ad waste up to 90%.


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